Hauliers back speed limit rise

Transport companies in Scotland have welcomed news that the speed limit for HGV’s could be raised on the A9. The road, which runs between Perth and Inverness is notorious for accidents: Tory MSP Murdo Fraser has claimed there are an average of 200 accidents on the road every year and says its death rate is the highest in Scotland.

It is thought that the build up of long queues of cars behind lorries prompts drivers to make risky decisions as they try to overtake. Murdo Fraser commented: “There is an issue on single-carriageway sections of the A9 with slow-moving HGVs behind which long lines of vehicles build up, leading to driver frustration and in some cases that causes accidents.

“Will the minister look seriously at this issue of increasing the speed limits for HGVs on the A9, which could help reduce driver frustration and improve the accident rate on Scotland’s deadliest road.”

The speed limit is currently set at 40mph on it’s single carriageway stretches, but Scottish transport minister Keith Brown told Parliament he was “looking seriously” at increasing it to 50mph. He went on to say: “Safety has to be the first consideration and the only piece of predictive evidence we have so far suggests there might be a marginal benefit in safety terms.

“However, that is if it is carried out on its own, so there might be other things that could be done to ameliorate the effect of that.”




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